Christmas tags

Hello. I got a soft reject for the standard wording of “tag inappropriateness” and that the tags “should NOT be compounded”. In the description, I used the following 2-word tags: new year, fairy tale, christmas tree, jingle bells. If you divide these tags into separate words, they will not make sense. Now we can’t use the tags “new year”, “fairy tale”, “jingle bells” and “christmas tree”?

Full list of tags I used: active, amazing, announcement, cartoon, cheerful, children, chrismas tree, christmas, commercial, elf, fairy tale, falling snow, gifts, happy, intro, jingle bells, joyful, magical, miracle, new year, playful, production, reindeer, santa, surprise, uplifting, vivid, winter, xmas

Maybe also because you exceed the number of 30 words???
Good sales…

If you count, you will see that there are 29 of them.

Falling snow? Why not just snow? I thought tags were single words.

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So forget the compound names!

If I just write “snow” will this track be accepted? or do i need to also separate “new” “year” and “fairy” “tale” and “jingle” “bells”?

“New”, “Year”, “Tale” would not work as tags by themselves but that does not mean that using compound names is acceptable. The community is trying to get inappropriate use of tags such as silly titling. As authors we need to be clever with the use of tags - something I am not very good at.


I understand that the separate words new and year do not make sense. This is also written in the rules. But I’m not sure if I leave these tags unchanged the file will be accepted. So I’m asking - can I leave the tags “new year”, “fairy tale”, “christmas tree” and “jingle bells”?
I have been uploading my tracks for 11 years now and never had a problem with tags, I always used these tags and the tracks were accepted, now something has probably changed.

What has not helped are authors who have abused the automatic update where they have changed item descriptions, item titles and tags in order to gain advantage and “game the system”. Rules are rules and we all must follow them for this marketplace is going to survive…although this is debatable now.