Christmas Season and Public Domain Songs

So I was curious about the type of Christmas music especially the remixes that sell and also which ones got rejected and why?
I uploaded a future bass remix of an old public domain song and got hard rejected.

I guess buyers want standards, not novelty mixes when it comes to these seasonal tracks.

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One that got accepted was a HipHop Remix of Jingle Bells that has some smooth jazz chords,
It’s a little tricky, to be honest.


@MoostBeat: just a small remark: I was surprised to see your super nice “Cozy Christmas” track in the … hiphop category :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know, this is only my own experience, but I created Hiphop versions of standard xmas tunes and sold a few of them.
I also created rock versions of some of these songs, but they are not exactly “novelty” mixes, as it has been done hundreds of times and is extremely common.

Hiphop versions are less common I think.

I don’t know this is pretty weird and I don’t know how to change it into the sentimental category maybe I have to remove it and re-upload it.

Do not do that. Deleted items cannot be resubmitted. Contact support to ask for your item to be put in the correct category.

alright, thanks!

Christmas music is a lot in hip hop, synth wave, rock and pop versions.There are just a lot of jazz versions …
There are many versions of Christmas in all styles.
So the rejection was probably not due to the style.