Christmas in EDM style? It will be sold?

Hi everyone!
2 days ago my new christmas track in EDM style was approved! But, at the moment 0 pageviews and 0 sales. Christmas in EDM style, It will be sold?

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Of course , very good track , but I think most likely you need to put in another category but not the holidays ! For Example : Electronica ?:smirk:

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Maybe retro 80 ? Category pop?

Two, maybe three years ago I made some EDM Christmas tunes. They sold a few times

Maybe, retro 80, good joke!

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Thank you! But i can,t put in another category after track approved. Only change tags or description.

Oh, few times so small, but better than nothing

@USLA , very cool !!!

nice idea , but , for me , strange mixing , little amount high freq >>> track does not live / not breathing

big amount high freq will interfere with voice. This music for commercial use, background, not for club and listening. Only in the context that either