chose brushes intead of tools on install because your stupid install page told me to, and now i'm screwed!

i bought Real Paint FX.
i installed FX Box first and restarted PS.
i added Real Paint FX.
your pdf said to choose tools, your install page recommended brushes.
how am i supposed to know which is correct?
i chose brushes.
obviously the wrong choice.
it does not work.
i uninstalled Real Paint FX, and uninstalled FX Box.
i deleted the Real Paint FX brushes set.
i quite PS.
i trashed the FX Box and Real Paint FX downloads and license keys.
i restarted the computer.
i re downloaded FX Box and Real Paint FX and license.
i reinstalled FX Box and restarted PS.
i re isntalled Real Paint FX.
but it defaults to whatever the problem was before.
it does not give me the option to choose ‘tools’ instead of brushes.
and it does not reinstall the Real Paint FX brush set.

what hoops do i have to jump through to get this to work properly, and give me the option to install ‘tools’ and re install the Real Paint FX brush set?