Choosing the best UX and page development for the website. [Question]

Hi guys, I currently use the theme “The Gem” for my website, the theme is actually pretty good, however, the WP Bakery is way more difficult to work compared to the Elementor page builder. In face of this, I’m trying to change my website to a different theme that don’t use WP Bakery (because my theme only support WP Bakery)

In face of this, I have feel questions:

  1. it is common to use two page builders in the same website?
  2. What should I chase for to improve my website, bootstrap, elementor or stay with wpbakery?
  3. Why elementor don’t have so much themes and way less reviews?
  4. My problem is not the theme but the page builder, which already gave me a lot of issues, what u guys suggest to me?

Hi, would you be so kind to explain in bit more details, what exactly don’t you like in WPBakery? What is much better in Elementor compared with WPBakery?