Choosing my theme : I need your help!


Hello everyone,

I’m a total beginner with WP and I don’t quite understand the vocabulary used to describe of the template.

I’m a Montreal-based massage therapist, which means that I will need to translate my site. I expect to use about 10 short pages in both languages for a total of about 20 pages, plus a blog (eventually).

I also need pictures to embellish my site and support the text. I was told that paying templates come with a file of pictures.

My first question is, do all template come with pictures? If not, how do I know?

My second question is do these two template (link below) include a pool of pictures related to massage therapy and are they adapted to what I want to do?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!



You need to ask the author about the demo data and images
It’s possible to merge the design on one theme but you will need to hire someone.

I’m available for freelancer works as my team is available for translation, too. In case of interest, please, contact me via this link


I don’t need to merge designs. I just want to know if I need to buy pictures (or get some of myself) for the site. I used to be a translator, I can do the translation myself.

Thanks but this does not answer my question.

Btw, I’m not looking to hire anybody. Please, no more service offer, I know plenty of people I could hire.



Both themes say in the description that images are not included.

The first offers links to where they can be purchased but would be separate to buying the theme and not via envato