Choosing CMS for e-commerce website development

Hi everyone. What CMSs do you believe to be the best one for building an e-commerce website? I heard that Drupal is getting outdated and it’s better to use something like Wordpress or Magento. The website must include an e-shop, withstand high loads (like those that appear on Black Fridays), and serve for users from all over the world.

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We made joomla themes for e-commerce using j2store and virtuemart

you can check joomlastars portfolio for joomla CMS

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WordPress is best otherwise you can choose Opencar too as preferred option

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There are lots of CMS for now, all the needed plugins are available to create your own eCommerce website. All it depends from your skills, how do you want your store will look like and how your store you want to be created.

Also it’s important to understand what platform you want to use open-source or none open-source Speaking about open-source platforms I want to say about Magento. It is free for download platform, except Enterprise version. or you can work with WooCommerce, it is really simple and easy to setup and get going.

Wordpress is one of the best and most convenient one also based on your expertise and skills set it depends at which cms you are feasible to work with :computer::v:


I am having 5+ years of experience in Web development.

I have worked on Most of the CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Magento etc.

I suggest you try Shopify it is highly secure and fast. Even Magento 2.x is also very good. Clients who are having a website in Magento 1.x now they want to migrate their website to Magento 2.x. All SEO will effect.

Shopify is the best solution’s but all the App and the Theme are paid and even Shopify App are monthly paid.

You have to select CMS according to your budget.

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