Choose a license pop up needed

I think it would be appropriate that when a customer adds a cart item, a pop up should be programmed giving the choice of the various licenses. Maybe some clients do not see that option and just check out. At times though when a major network pays a $1 for a sound effect instead of an extended license, it makes you wonder, and there are many. Just saying.


Apart from the fact there aren’t extended licenses for sound effects… I support this idea!

Several times, I’ve checked my invoice to find $19 licenses being sold to clients with TV or Television in their names. Upon Googling them, they’ve indeed turned out to be broadcast outlets. So…yeah. That would be a great option.


There’s a Multi-use license for sound fx

I have suggested many times Envato should switch to a checkbox menu instead of the dropdown menu for licenses. I personally hate pop-ups whenever they appear…

Sure, but major networks are welcome to use single or multi use licenses. And the single use license is pretty self explanatory when it comes to how many times you can use it.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with your idea, I was just pointing out that there aren’t any exclusive licenses for sound effects.

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Nice idea, whatever gets their attention.

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