Chimpstudios not adhering to Support per Envato Terms

After a few months with the Directory Theme by Chimpstudios I have found out in a painful and dragged out way that their demo and actual theme are two different beasts.

The images on their demo are all one size and if a customer uploads an image, they will not get compressed or cropped to look like the demo.

Chimpstudios solution? Hire a developer of only allow one size image. Either way will cost money and if a thee will not look and feel like what Chimpstudios is selling, that is fraud in my book. All I ask is for them to fix this issue that many others have brought up but they are failing to support.

Per Chimpstudios:

Hello Shanon,

For this
==>==> Link I have applied custom css. Remaining comes under customization’s , I can not do it for you. For customization you can seek help from some developer or take the great service of Envato studio for customization’s.

Thank you & Best regards,

Well you need to add images to the size 842 width and 474 height, your added image size 540x960 = 540 width and 960 height, then this will behave abnormally, more over browser also display content in a different manner , in chrome display is different than that in firefox. or safari or Opera,