ChimpStudio Theme Help

Hi everyone, im looking for some help with a ChimpStudio theme. (AidReform) hasnt been updated since may 2015 and ive had a few security issues since then.
They (ChimpStudio) Say and update is coming but cant tell me when, that was 12 months ago.

What i want now is a new theme, but the issue i have is all of the on page content is added via the drag and drop ‘page builder’ So if i was to install a new theme, would i lose all of this?

Can someone recommend a theme that uses the same framework, so i don’t have to rebuild my site?

Thank you


As I see the last update for this theme was on:

What you actually want to keep? Only the content from pages and posts? or the entire site? (causes, events etc).

As I recommendation I can tell you about one of my themes (Fundraising WP) If you want more details about it please reach me in private.



Page content, custom sidebars ect

I don’t need posts or fundraising activity, causes ect. They are unsued.


Rob Gillespie

RG Online Solutions