Children Charity Theme for ONG CMSMASTERSw


We have installed your child charity theme with wordpress latest version. We have some issues with theme plugins . i can’t able to edit the
content in the CMS master compose editor.

When we click the “content composer” button when editing a page it doesn’t redirect to the editor page . Also in the console showing this beow error. kindly help us to
resolve this issue .

Error : Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).cmsmastersContentComposer is not a function


Contact with your purchase item author @cmsmasters right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Hi @cmsmasters please can you help with this enquiry?
Thank you

Hi, thanks for the question! The issue you have is probably caused by the outdated theme and Content Composer plugin version: Screenshot by Lightshot . Please update the theme to 1.1.7 version, update plugins and clear cache, it should be helpful.

Personal assistance is provided via the tickets system – please submit us a request at Support - cmsmasters studio with the relevant WordPress and FTP credentials and our support agents will take care of the case.

Thank you!