Cheerup Theme padded header

The Cheerup theme has added huge padding around my header image that wasn’t on the previews. It took my logo and made that enormous, and put huge white spaces around my Page Titles and moved my header image down. The result is that you cant tell what page you’re on until you scroll extensively, and then you see the page title, scroll even more and then finally see the header image, and scroll even more and eventually you see the content.
I added the logo and header images through the Customizer, so I’m confused at why its making the logo so big. Beginner level advice would be much appreciated!


Hope this Documentation will help you.

Otherwise You can contact CheerUp theme Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.


Again, it’s not a matter of selecting a different header style than the one I’ve got- what I have is NOT like any of the demos and that is the problem. At this point I’d take any one of the headers shown in the demo.

I’m confused though, your link to contact support takes me right back to the page where I could only access the forum. That’s how I posted my question. How do I get support to actually contact me or open a chat window or find a phone number or an email or
absolutely anything besides just the forum I’m already on?


Post comments here and let the theme auhtor know. They will reply you. Thanks

There is no way to comment, its not recognizing me. It must want me to register again. The certificate number is not where it says to find it though, so I’m unable to contact help about being unable to contact help, about being unable to contact help. Where
can I find a help chat or email help desk or anything that actually lets them know I’m trying to reach them?

really sorry! to say in forum we just can send you the right track how to get auhtor support but author contact information we don’t know. You can contact them through envato provided systems as like Item Commnets, Item Support page Contact Author button, item Author Profile page then use right side contact form.

If you login with your envato market login credentials then go to Commnets page then at bottom of the page you will get post comments options.

I can’t do those methods though, because as I said, it’s not recognizing me registered. I’m logged in to envato market already, but can’t comment.
I can’t see a contact author button, I can’t do anything. That is the problem. I can’t contact support about not being able to contact support, let alone actually get help with the theme.


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer Support will be happy to assist you.


May be you are talking about Author Support systems comments but I was trying to send you the theme comments page in envato market not author support forum. Please check my previous reply one more time.