Checkout customisations on Point Finder Theme (by webbu)



Hi everyone,

im looking for a freelancer to customize the checkout process on webbus wordpress theme calles “Point Finder”.

Because of German legislation i have to customize/configurate the checkout process in 2 or 3 more steps (1. cart, 2. order confirmation and shipping details, 3. payment)? Unfortunatelly the developer “webbu” doesn´t support such customisations.

Can anybody customize the theme to my needs and how much is it?

Best regards,


Hello there,

I could provide some paid support as well. You could send me an email directly to gmail(at) or if you’d prefer to pay some commission, you could contact me via Studio > Custom Job




Hi Sven,

I do customization myself, you can contact me at : or skype at :



I am ready to do customization, let’s talk further on skype: rightmentor