Check this short funny video I made about selling on Envato

Hey guys, check this short funny video I made, based on how a struggle can it be (in some cases) to upload a new WordPress plugin to CodeCanyon:

Any feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m not even a developer but I still loved the video… :joy: well done :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you! This means that I can go ahead and create more similar videos. :smiley:

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The only thing I would improve is the video editing aspect.

First I would consider making some of the scenes a bit faster or using more dynamic editing to keep things tight and interesting. Like when even editing the feedback parts or filling in descriptions, instead of just showing the whole browser window, you could zoom in periodically to show close up words of what you’re typing (if its important) or you could zoom in into some feedback text, especially if it’s an annoying feedback + couple that with some shake effect and boom, that expresses the feeling of frustration much better lol :smiley:

Also when you’re talking about the amazing plugin, you could literally show the plugin, or how maybe simple it is (to show that you think you’ll get a simple plugin approved quickly, but then the reality of rejections hits… :D) This can be applied to many other things, whatever you mention - show it (where it makes sense), this will keep the video more interesting. Another example could be when you mention bad documentation or whatever (show how badly you written it, then show how perfectly you fixed it etc)

Also when you show how much stuff you need to fill in the submission window, you could literally then show all the fields zoomed it, popping in one after the other, or the whole screen getting quickly cowered with all the different fields screenshots. That would make the scene much more interesting and funny to watch, rather than just a slow scrolling through a long list of fields.

Then about shortening some video parts, let’s say even at 0:59 before showing the Spongebob a few days later screen, your narration ends and then there’s like a few second silence before the screen appears. I would cut out the silence and show the sponge bob screen right after your narration ends. Again I believe this would help with keeping the viewers interest and making the video more dynamic and funny.

(also noticed this with your other video - the life of a coder one, where you’re keeping long shots of you opening doors, or doors being closed etc… that is mostly unnecessary footage that can be trimmed to just the bare actions which are necessary to tell the story. Keep the video focused and to a point)

And lastly your audio could have a better consistency between scenes. Sometimes there’s no noise in one scene, then you cut to another scene and you can very noticeably hear the difference in background noise. I would suggest recording the audio in the same room, with same equipment and then using the same audio clean up settings for all the audio clips to avoid such problems.

Other than that you’ve got the potential to create really really cool stuff, keep it up :smiley:

Wow, thank you for your great suggestions! I really appreciate your feedback. I noted everything you said.

I will try to make things more snappy and engaging, cut out unnecessary stuff and use the zooming effect to highlight important stuff in an engaging way (I haven’t used the zoom tool yet, I have to learn how to use it).

I still have to learn a lot, the best part is that I enjoy doing these videos, so I guess there will be more coming up soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

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Sure it’s always a learning journey :smiley: Best of luck and I’m looking forward to seeing your new videos :smiley:

Thank you!

Funny video :smiley:

For me, half of the video would show my struggle with Photoshop when creating preview images, icons and the documentation images…any sort of image in general :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I create my images in Canva - it is way easier to use and it has some nice features:

Check it maybe it helps. :wink:

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