Check out old Envato!

I was writing up a blog post and I needed to get some old pictures of how Envato used to look back when I first joined. I decided to take a look on which allows you to look up a site’s history. It’s really good since it stores things like images and the old layouts.

I got to check out my old profile, old item images and even the old forums that used to be on there.

This is the oldest capture of CodeCanyon:

An old capture of ThemeForest:

How about Avada’s first product page:

You can check out your own portfolios and profile pages too!

Post what you can find :slight_smile:


July 30, 2013:

…and now we’re celebrating more than 10x that. :smiley:


haha old templates look funny. Thanks a lot for sharing @Patchesoft.

i strongly wish i knew tf and cc at that time…

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It definitely was an interesting time!

I’ve been trying to look for content for what they did for their first ever birthday but I’m not sure if they did anything.

Better days :smiley: