Check My Wordpress Theme for design and coding please

Hi, I made Hekim Wordpress theme from a themeforest html template.I want checking before submit it.

Design comes a quality themeforest template but if you notice any thing to make it better, please give the advice.

There is no red console error on chrome console but there are some yellow warnings.Is it soft/hard rejected issue? Must I remove yellow texts? Have you experience about this issue on submit process?

On , there are some red warnings.All of them are harmless for front-end.Most of them come from plugins which havent made by me.So, fixing all red errors can take serious my time.What do you think about them? Are they soft/hard rejected issue?

I have below errors on Envato theme check plugin page:

One or more errors were found for Hekim.

  • WARNING: Found a translation function that is missing a text-domain. Function esc_html_e , with the arguments 'hekim’
  • WARNING: Found remove_filter( in the file inc/sample-config.php . Themes should not remove core filters. Ensure this is a valid use case.

Line 1073: remove_filter( ‘plugin_row_meta’, array(

  • WARNING: Found echo $ in the file woocommerce/cart/cart.php . Possible data validation issues found. All dynamic data must be correctly escaped for the context where it is rendered.

Line 81: echo $thumbnail; // PHPCS: XSS ok.

Must I solve the all theme checking issues before submit it?

And the most important question is when get soft rejected, do they say all rejected issues when the first time, or do they say only some problemetic parts for every rejected?

I wonder it serious.Why people get many soft rejected?

The theme :

I wait your messages.

First you need to enable errors in config then to run theme check. If you have errors, you need to fix them.

If you will have soft reject, reviewer will tell you to fix those errors.

Good luck