Cheating or something I don't know

Hello Everyone!

I asked a company to develop me a secure file sharing platform with a project management too, they sold me what I just discovered to be exactly TITAN project management system for 4,000 Swiss Franc. I am planning to have a discussion with this company, but I think it’ better to understand fist maybe I am missing something.

For me it looks like they simply cheated me. Or maybe there’s some technical explanation.

Would be thankful if anyone can help me.


Without seeing what you were sold and spending time looking at the code etc. It’s hard to judge, however:

  1. it’s possible that they could have had to make such significant changes that this warrants the cost

  2. any agency who uses stock templates and doesn’t make the client aware of this (aside from costs there are numerous considerations around updates, security, warranty etc.) is bad news straight away

  3. That is a great item but a ‘secure file sharing platform’ would depend on so many other things such as hosting, web security, local setup etc. that just giving you a platform like this is far from a finished project (unless that’s what you agreed to)

  4. if it is that item then it could have been bought and even set up/installed for a fraction of that cost

  5. as a platform is it way more than just file sharing - it massively overcompensates for what you need which in turn presents further potential issues if anything goes wrong

  6. the item (assuming it is just this) offers outstanding support an update but:
    a) these will only be for the buyer and
    b) they will be free so you shouldn’t be being charged for maintenance etc.

Where did you find the developers?

Sadly this is probably a case of “Buyer Beware”. You should always check to see if there are scripts that might be close to your requirements, and if you have paid these developers without using PayPal then your chances of actually getting any remedial action is slim at best.

I dissagree with @123Simples and @charlie4282

For me, this company have spend several years of research learning etc. So those years have to be payed. If they know how to just find what is needed and sale it, good for them.

This is what Web is about. Do not forget this. You are paying for the solution, and it takes years and years to be able to figure out the solution.

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Thank you Charlie,
You have touched few issues: I agree that I should have been made aware that they might use a template and work on it. But that did not happen.

We agreed on " Development and Installation of a secure File exchange Software and installing a Project Management Software (Price Software not included in this offer).

I believe they made some changes item security. It now have A+ SSL-Certificate (for which I have to pay and additional CHF 1,000 on annual basis). But I still can’t call a file exchange software as our agreement mentioned.

When I tested the system they shared with me (the interface of which is 100% TITAN like), some links and functions did not work. But they are gladly working on fixing it.

To be frank, my IT knowledge is below basic, that’s why I asked friends to recommend someone who would understand my needs and this is how I find this company.

Thank you CreativeGagency. While I see you point about spending years in research especially in our data-monetizing time. I think years of experience should also improve communication skills and managing client expectation. I clearly communicated my expectations (with sketches and images) , and I don’t believe it takes years to develop it. At least, not for an experience company …

It wouldn’t be fair for us to judge without seeing the code etc. but 100% you should have been aware of any template inclusion.

For example, often authors may have a registration or other code used on their items to improve things or make updates etc easier, while these are usually harmless I would expect to know about it.

I can’t comment on a local agency cost but I would expect something like this, if properly built from scratch by a reputable agency to be tens of thousands. This would probably be how they might justify the price tag if they are caught out.

The thing is that for the kind of money you are talking about there are lots of (often white labelable) tools and platforms out there that are built for this purpose and are constantly updated to the highest standards. Unless you have a very specific reason for a custom solution, or else a huge budget then I would always look at that first

@Hasoneh Have you received what you asked for?

Thank you 123simples,

I am hoping we will find an agreement with this company. And since I am not really expert, I though I can ask in this forum to have discussion points for my next meeting with this company.

Basically, we agreed on:

Dedicated physical AWS Server (ISO 27001 compliant), Installation, Configuration for CHF 2’300.00

Development and Installation of a secure File exchange Softwareand installing a Project Management Software (Price Software not included in this offer) for CHF 3,700.00

A+ SSL-Certificate for CHF 1’000.00 per year.

So far all I got it a system that looks exactly like the item “TITAN” [with some technical errors here and there] and an A+ SSL-Certificate.

Does this sounds right to you? (taking in consideration the prices in Switzerland).

If it is installed to AWS server and all the configuration is as should, then yes it does sound good to be and the price also is normal.