Cheat font or just me?

Hi I just bought a font ( young sprime) `, however when I got it, it did not look like anything described in the pictures it was just all black normal font and white font
. Is this normal, and do we self have to design this font from black font and into what the pictures are showing?
If so, this whole envate thing is fake. They promise you gold but all you get it stuff you can do on your own.


Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer hope your issue will solved.


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What is the item link? Did you check documentation?

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it is the one in the middle, the one with white font and pink and purple lines.
I bought this one saying I would get 3 fonts, but only got one with simple black fonts the same fonts as the one where it says " YOUNG" however not in white and no purple and pink lines. Just black.
Are we supposed to paint it over our self, on photoshop, because then we might as well stop buying products in here.

I can’t access elemetns to download it but the core version of this file says below. Was there documentation which might explain how to amend colours?

Young Sprime font is a sans serif type of bold and italic type.Young Sprime has three different styles, Regular in the form of horizontal pieces like glitch effect, sans & outline. Young Sprime font it’s perfect for , poster, logo, magazine, cover, banner, tshirt and headers, or even large-scale artwork.

Files Included:

** Young Sprime (otf & ttf)*
** Young Sprime Sans (otf & ttf)*
** Young Sprime Outline (otf & ttf)*

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I would call this a hustle. How am I suppose to get that the middle font is not included, in the picture it is the one saying “young” which is the start of the name of the file?

Unfortunately as I can’t access the item I can’t advise you but as mentioned it is worth looking to see if there is documentation which explains how to amend colours etc. The author also puts his email on the item so I would probably suggest starting by contacting them

I did contact him, he gave me a link to youtube for another font, on how to practicly do the Whole thing your self from scratch.

So is this how it Works with all fonts in Envato?

That we actually just buy normal Black text, and then have to buy photoshop to fix the rest our self? Because then I think it is a scam. Every other page that Sells fonts, have the fonts done when you buy or even get them for free, and
there you dont have to sit and design them afterwards in photoshop….

The link Again is
to the font.

Mvh Maja

The only other thing we can recommend is to talk to envato themselves - this is the support link for elements

ok thanks for the help though :wink: