Cheat E-mail from "customer"

I get this kind of e-mail from two different “customer”:

"Hi! pavlas25 !!!
*** Please tell me the difference between extended license and normal one.***
*** I’m interested in buying a lot of your items! I also wanted to ask you if you have content uploaded in other sites (Shutterstock / Pond5 / Adobe Stock etc…), because I already have credits there that I would like to use***
*** Please send me your portfolio links along with your telegram/skype or discord…***
*** Thank you!!!"

I think is some kind of cheat or scam… be aware of those people!!!

Hi everyone!
This is the second time I have received an email like this. All messages use the same template, but the sender never bought my item on VideoHive and after I checked the account it was an account that had just registered.
What do you think I should do? ignore or what? because I am skeptical that this is some kind of scam.

It is scam 100%. Just troll them to see how disperate and stupid they are. :joy:


Thanks for raising this - the Market team is currently investigating this, and will be putting some measures in place to limit misuse of the Author contact forms.

For now, please ignore these messages. We’ve seen several reports of posts using this format, coming from multiple Market accounts. It’s very unlikely to be a legitimate purchase request, so can safely be ignored.


Got the same email a couple of weeks ago and had a quick talk with the scammer.
Basically they told me they had unused credits on adobe stock, and asked me if they could buy items for like 50$, and i would send them back 25 so they wouldnt waste all of their credits.
How you call it, credits laundry? :joy:

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Hello. What is this email? Hacker? Got a security issue? Did you also receive this mail?

@ibrahimKaya See my post above for more details - this is the same issue that other authors have reported.

For now, just ignore those messages.