Chat script

We are looking for a script or something that looks like where we can use a chat box with dial-up and not too expensive. Also where as many users as possible can sit on. Where and how should I search, because on Wchat is nowhere on I can do a dial-up function if eg a chat is full that they can pay. How can I find out?

Chat with dial up???

Offcorse online

And in telephone calls, for example, to a paid number

This doesn’t sound like something you will find in a stock marketplace

Yes, here in the Netherlands you already have a number of them, only I search for that script or what it looks like

If it exists then it would be something in amongst these (use filter to sort by platform etc.)✓

No, I want just like Wchat, but if, for example, the chat room is full. That they can dial in with a 0900 number and that they can then chat in as well and Wchat is good, but I can not find anywhere where I can use that dial-up function for phone.

Who is use dial up modem anymore? That is so old technology and no more is use that.

No you do not read well. I want that if, for example, a room is full and they want to go in then they have to call a 0900 number and no, that is right from this time. But would like advice and no comment