Chartz - Layers Extension was not installed

The plug-in cannot be installed.
Can I use it with version 5.3–ja of Wordpress?
If you can’t use it, please refund.

What’s the actual error you get? Are you sure that you are trying to install just the plugin and not the entire download?

What’s the item link?

Error Message is

Unpacking the package …

Installing plugin …

The package could not be installed. A valid plug-in was not found.

The plug-in installation failed.

I think you have installed the entire download.
Download fail name is"codecanyon-※※※(randum code?)".

Item link is

Assuming your have layerz installed first?

The. that sounds like you may be trying tic install a compete download rather than just the extension

I’m Sorry.
Plugin was installed!
I Can’t see plugin faile.

thank you!