'Charleston' Dance - not James P. Johnson's 'Charleston' Song!!!!

Bit annoyed here - wrote a lovely ORIGINAL 1920’s piece in the stlye of the Charleston (as have others on here) - Was held for further review and just got a message from the curator…
"…Thank you for your patience while your file was being held for further review.
Analysis has shown that this piece from James P. Johnson is not in the Public Domain worldwide and therefore cannot be commercialized as such.
In fact, Johnson passed away in 1955, so his work won’t be in the public domain until 2025 in Europe (life+70 years) - …"
I’m not annoyed of the rejection - (got used to that over time) - just annoyed of the ignorant response trying to educate me on what is and what isn’t copyright (have done enough lecturing on that in my time) - The ‘Charleston’ is a dance style and not just a song written by Johnson - This was an original song I submitted NOT a remake of Johnson’s - Rythmically, Instrumentation and Tonality similar but that’s about it!
They add “…you won’t be able to re-submit this item again…” and “…Let us know if you have any questions…” but unable to respond to their email. How do I ask for a re-listen? Or should I just send it elsewhere?
All the best.

Understandable frustration and unfortunate misunderstanding. Open a support ticket and explain your case https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Thanks… "… Your request was successfully submitted…"
Lets see what they say.

Hey, any update on this? Really curious

Hi Alister… Yep, a really patronising reply:-
"…I know that this is disappointing news and while we are unable to provide any further feedback, an alternative way to get feedback before submitting it again is to post a screenshot or link on the appropriate Market forum. There are many talented and helpful community members who can likely give valuable feedback to you…
…I know that rejections can be hard because you have put in a lot of effort and time on your project. This doesn’t mean that all of your submissions will be rejected as well. Many of our successful authors have had their share of rejections and that didn’t stop them from working hard until they had their projects approved. So please do not be discouraged. I am sure in due time, you will join their ranks as well!
Best of luck on your future projects! …"

Avoided the issue completely, Perhaps what threw the curator was the 2nd version of my song which was described as “1920’s-style Gramophone Mix 1:33” which, using filters and added crackle made it sound like it was a gramophone recording from the past - He probably thought this was the Charleston song from the 20’s.
It’s sad that your curator could not tell the difference between mine and Johnson’s song - melodically they had nothing in common.

Never mind.

And now they want to know “…How would you rate the support you received?..”

Here’s a link to the track, now selling elswhere:-

All the best,

Here’s a link to the original James P Johnson piece referred to:

The main motif is pretty much the same it has to be said.

Even the same key and tempo. Maybe the reviewers know what they are doing?

@ADG3studios can you take a look at this one? I’m interested…

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Nope… can’t agree - Melodies side by side different. Thanks for the link.

Yep - same key and tempo… that’s all buddy. Fotunatley for us we can’t copywrite ‘Tempo’ and ‘Key’ - :wink:

… in addition to the same chord progression and rhythmic accents in the A-part. The melody and B-section is different and maybe the chord progression in the A-part is to generic to claim copyright on? I can see both you and the reviewers points.

I’ll get a jpeg of melody up as soon as back home… up a mountain in North Wales at moment - Yes, Chord progression and rhythm accents very generic to that period and dance.