CharityPlus support purchase but no one home

I just extended support for 6 months and now I am thinking that was a waste of money. I can’t find anyone to support me. Why does a theme author sell support and then not support it? How does one get a refund other than canceling with credit card? This is very frustrating. Some of my questions might easily lead to some support dollar spending but there doesn’t seem to be any real support, or interest in making the product work as it should so why invest in enhancing it?

Any advise? I had one guy respond for a few emails and disappear. Is this typical


You can request a refund here


Thank you … not the solution I was looking for, but if they can’t help, then they shouldn’t be selling support to help. I really would like the support or I wouldn’t have bought it. But if not available, refund is called for. thanks … I just submitted my request.