Chargeback nightmare!

As i saw some scammers buying my items and getting reversals done instantly.
Am i allowed to do something like this to reduce it?

My items has two parts, Frontend and Backend. Can i do like this? I will provide the frontend instantly once user purchases it. Then they need to WhatsApp us and share their purchase code and receive the backend code.

It will help me like, Users who take reversals immediately won’t get the complete codebase and the code will be of no use for them.
i know people can also take the reversal after taking the backend code from me, but they will be little bit scared to do so, as their contact numbers will be with me, so they can get legal notice.

No, this is not allowed.
But you can setup Envato API in your Item to verify the purchase before getting premium features access.

Any other solution? Because scammers mostly remove the verification and resell it as nulled

setup Envato API and keep publishing update regularly.

How will that stop those scammers from using the version they downloaded if they are able to remove the envato api?

This has been discussed thousand times and over 10 years. Search the forum

What should i search to get those?

You can search as “Protect Item” or “Warez”

Adobe software is one of the most heavily pirated and yet they still generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue. I’m not entirely convinced that there’s a strong correlation between piracy and loss of profit, as much as we may try to convince ourselves otherwise.

In my experience, most reversals don’t actually involve piracy. In fact, out of dozens of sale reversals in the last few years, only a single time did the purchase code link back to an installation. Especially if an item is already nulled, it’s extremely unlikely that any subsequent reversals will be for that purpose.

We’re seeing recently that Envato is blocking a subset of buyers immediately after their first payment is submitted, perhaps some kind of anti-fraud system that found something suspicious about their details. This seems to happen after the transaction technically completes.

Therefore, it seems that these blocked buyer accounts may also show up as sale reversals, and may explain what you’re seeing. Ironically, this system is designed to prevent actual chargebacks and piracy, but to us, it’s hardly discernable.

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