Charge lower rate for first freelance work/project

Do you think charging a bit lower rate for a first freelance work worth it? I never had any real experience to do freelance work before but this is the first time I have. I don’t have any real work portfolios other than the time when I was in college. But that was just for assignments. This time, it’s for a startup.

However, I think that my skills are pretty good to charge on lower rates. But then again, it’s a first challenge that I need to take: to see either I can do well on my first freelance work or not. I fear that if I charged more, it was not up to the client’s expectation since it is my very first time.

What do you think?

No it’s pointless - either you can do the job, or you can’t. How much you charge for it should not impact the outcome.

I get the importance of getting a portfolio together but believe me there are numerous people out there who will charge more rather than less and may well not be up to the job in hand.

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Thank you for your perspective! That’s actually quite true. I learnt something now. I always thought that charge price is something I need to consider as a freelance beginner but skills are worth what it’s worth no matter if you just started or not.