Character rejected again

this time I make full version with color variation but got rejected.
what’s the problem in this character?

hi may be this is the global style and that they tend to believe that the item does not have commercial potential enough …hard to tell … i personally believe that the presentation with both characters right next to each other is not selling much but i doubt that they rejected this , for me the illustration is a style otherwise and looks cleanly executed …

this is image preview.

? what do u mean?

i set this as preview image.
do you think changing this image will help full? or should i work on the character. there is nothing to change I believe thought.

hi no i don’t think so … i think that preview helps in case they do not know what to do but that in many cases they know … so in short they rejected because for some reasons they did not feel it was good enough …

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did u make sure that u closed all paths? if so i do not see any other thing that they may have estimated that there is not enough commercial potential or that they did not like the style of what u have created … however , here is a clue … u should inspire from great and successful illustrators here like @memoangeles, u will see what he does his great … he makes the illustration adaptable so that u do not have only one gesture , one position , one type of face expression and so on …

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Thanks a lot. It was Very helpful :grinning:

if u are ok with what i said pls check the “solution” box, thanks in advance , happy to help :slight_smile:

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