Character Animation Submission Got Rejected, Have No Idea

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to this ecosystem so I need your help. Could you guide me for why it was rejected?

I have submitted my first project and got hard rejected, with no explanation -

Looped Animation, Easy to change color and size, No plugins required.

It has;

  • 30+ Animated Illustrations
  • 5 Prebuilt Animated Scenes
  • 15 Animated Characters
  • 15+ Animated Objects

Hi, I think the preview of this project is poorly done. You don’t really show the full animations it seems, they change so quickly I can barely take in all the things that you animated. And they’re being show from very far away while crammed into this small phone screen… This definitely only makes it harder to see them and how possibly amazing they look. Also at the end, the preview video ends very abruptly.

If the animations themselves are that short as the amount of time you showcased each one… then that’s probably the main reason for a rejection?

I found this competitors project:
When comparing yours and theirs it seems like they showcase their animations close up and for a longer period of time and or the animations are longer.

Perhaps they’re animated better too? I can’t really tell the quality of your animations, cause I can barely see them. But from what I managed to see they seem ok, although I saw some leaves moving abruptly perhaps…

Another thing is that your competitor animated the text coming in, which you didn’t do. So obviously this didn’t improve the chances of getting your project approved.

Lastly, I saw that there’s a plethora of these: animations by this author already and all in the same style as yours… So maybe your project was rejected cause it’s too similar to the competition and doesn’t bring anything new to the market.

Overall I would guess it was rejected for a combination of the above-mentioned reasons, or perhaps for only one of them.

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Thank you so much for quick and thorough response, I really appreciate it.

I totally understand your point for preview, to be honest this is even improved version of the preview, I didn’t think preview would be that important.

Also regarding the animations and text overlays, for character animation the movements and actions are very unique and difficult so I focused more on that part.

Do you think will improving the preview and resubmitting be ok? Or should I redo all the project over again?

Thanks in advance for your comments