Changing track titles in Music Pack.

Hi all!

If i’d like to change titles of my tracks do i need to change it in Music Packs?
Because after titles changing links changing as well.


Actually you need to ask for re-review for your tracks names in Pack. After that you’ll be fine :smiley:

Look if i change track title (just single track in my portfolio) a link of this track will be already different, right?
So, if this track includes in music pack the previous link will be not working, right?
So i need to ask review team to change this track title and link in music pack also or previous link(in music pack) will be still working?

look, you just ask to review yout track name, whet it’ll be aproved your track name in Pack will be changed too.

so it will be automatically, right? I mean if i got approved title of the track and it will be changed automatically in music pack, right?

Nobody knows?

Yes. Sorry for last responde. Maybe you should change links in track description but other things will be changed automatically.