Changing to SSL broke all the CSS

Hello, I saw that some plugins needed SSL (https://), so I added it on my hosting, activated, and tried to do the change on the site with Really Simple SSL
Once I activated it, I saw that all the pages were with no format (css not working) and I cannot use the Elementor editor anymore.

Does anyone have ever had this issue and know what is going on and/or how to fix it?
Now nothing works and I cannot even try to do a new page to test it.

Looking forward. Thank you!


Please make sure you have setup ssl for your wordpress website correctly. Also please check Settings => General Settings are all url set done with ssl mean all url are showing with ssl(https) or without ssl(http).


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Thank you very much.

Checking that, I saw some errors. I contacted my hosting provider and they saw there was an issue on their side, because there were some http addresses still not updated.

It was so helpful!!!

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