Changing theme


After lots of searching in order to change a theme to search products instead of listings, I’ve decided to change themes. Looking at Flatastic, in order to allow multi-vendor sellers - so if anyone has any thoughts on this, that would be appreciated.

What I really wanted to know though, how easy is it to buy this theme and add it to my available themes in the admin section of wordpress? Do I still need to do the .php files installation? Also, would I lose any data? Like current sellers and users and their products?


Adding the new theme is easy - You just upload it to your themes folder (FTP) or install the zip via Admin.

You should not lose any data BUT the two themes almost certainly operate differently, maybe use different plugins, manage sellers and data differently. With this in mind there is highly unlikely to be a natural transition by just swapping the themes.

You will definitely need to reconfigure elements. Depending on the themes and how they work there may be ways to simplify the process but you definitely want to be careful and if you are not 100% on what you are doing employ thee help of the author or a freelancer

Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, that was relatively easy. Just one other thing. With my previous theme, there was mention fro an experienced developer that there was no child theme.

Is it best to install the main .zip files then the child theme .zip files and use those?


Yes - always parent theme first

That’s done. And sorry, one last thing, do I need to do anything on my web server through the FTP login?

In theory all you need to do is add the new theme then activate it but before you do that you REALLY should speak to the author of the new theme because almost certainly, unless the new one is set up exactly the same as the old one (99.9% not the case) then you will end up with things looking different, there could be conflicts between plugins you have activated from the old theme and the new one, and same info not stored correctly etc.