Changing Rgb to Cmyk Color Mode

Hi Creatives,

Kindly advise here, Whenever I create a design in RGB mode, when I change to CMYK Color mode it loses a lot of saturation and brightness making my design too dull. How can I go about on this, or rather is there settings I should adjust? E.g a flyer I would like to sell here as print.


Start again with a CMYK document, move your layers (from RGB version) one by one and recreate the adjustment layers and blending modes. Overall keep in mind that CMYK colors are not as vibrant as RGB colors.

Thank you so much @DesignSomething , you are always of great help.

hi Willy, I think that the best thing for u to do is to determine what duo in the first place and adapt accordingly … u can also try to sell the concerned item as a web flyer :slight_smile:

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