Changing name of Author

How I can get the link of new page of author? Some Author changed name and now when I click on his icon in my followers, envato says that - page not found! please help

As far as I know when you change the username the link itself changes so it is no longer valid therefore clicking link externally should not work, but internally they should be updated. @matthewcoxy @KingDog can you guys confirm this please?

Changing your username won’t void any old profile links. Even if you change your username several times the old URLs still redirect to your profile.

I changed my username a year ago or so and the old username still redirects to my profile. Here, test it: As to why you get 404 error when you click on some of your followers’ profiles, this is because their profiles have been disabled.

Thank you, you are right, I guess - that profile was deleted, and that’s all. Interesting, he had big portfolio and many of sales. Thank you!

Which one was it?

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