Changing my author name, good idea?

Hi Guys,

My author name comes from something I came up with many years ago. and although it’s served me well, Flowsopher doesn’t really roll off the tongue does it? I’m thinking about changing my author name to something easier, maybe even more ‘mainstream’ I was thinking about the following names:

Sir Real
Sir Vive
Sir Plus

Should I go for it or do you guys think it won’t really matter?

Cheers, the artist still known as Flowsopher

You haven’t considered Sir Price? I honestly prefer your current name, it may not be easy to pronounce but its easy to remember.


Flowsopher is a great name. I think you should keep it.


Not sure if the name does really matter. But as you work at niche stuff, your current name seems has a weight of what to wait from. And why care about tongue rolling? I cannot even imagine how to pronounce, for example, MartijndeBont word, but… :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! Good to hear! Maybe Just leave it the way it is then…

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Be extra careful if you are here for a long time & have many sales (your customers know you with your current author name) ; and if you are changing it anyway, at least try to come up something similar to your current author avatar image (if you are going to change your avatar too)

I wasn’t planning on changing my avatar if I’d changed my author name.

Cool one by the way. Am I read it correctly as your country’s flag plus green (the colour of right direction) play arrow button?

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Flowsopher sounds cool :slight_smile:

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It actually began as a play symbol with the RGB colors representing a wide array of possibilities.

I used it as a logo for when I started with my video work a couple of years ago.

Figured it was a nice and recognizable logo to use here at AJ too.

I like your take on it too, though! :slight_smile:

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