Changing LOGO in VAN - Minimalist Agency, Photo Gallery Shop Theme

Dear All,

I’ve just purchased VAN - Minimalist Agency, Photo Gallery Shop Theme and need to change the default logo to my own. There is no way to do this in the current version that I can see.

Can anyone help please?

In an older version of the theme his is very simply done in an area called “Van options” under Appearance. However, this doesn’t exist on this version of the theme.




This is your item support link but they are not providing support !!!

you can ask any kind of question about your purchase theme author at here as a comments may be they can help you


your theme Author does not currently provide support for this item. So you can just post comments your query in Item comments tab hope Author will help you to find the logo settings.
One thing you can try check in widget/customizer. Also may be you will get theme option settings at top or left sidebar.

ok thanks. this is a pain!

Interesting. I’d expect a theme that is purchased in the last week to be properly supported so will follow up. Thanks for your help.

You can getting touch with Envato customer success from here

They would like to assist you.

I think you can ask for refund if they didn’t providing support.

They have not offered support (it’s not obligatory) on that theme for months - there is no obligation for the author to suport items unless they list them as ‘supported’

Thanks for the update. I guess I’m a little taken aback at this. What’s the point in selling something that doesn’t work properly? All it creates is aggravation and mistrust.

Are you definitely using the most up to date version of the theme, WordPress etc? (WP5.0 might not be. the best idea but 4.9 etc. would probably help)


It’s the theme I purchased last week so I’m assuming it’s the latest version. I’m on WP 5.0.3



Ah ok - there’s been no updates since 2017 so almsot certainly the issue is that the theme is not compatible with WP 5.0 or newer. Item detail says it works to 4.9

Ok cool. Well not really as it shouldn’t be on sale. The package doesn’t include the latest version of the Van Core which is required so I’ll ask for my money back as it’s not fit for purpose. Thanks for your help.