Changing Height, keeping width the same

Hi all,

I’m currently taking the course on how to build a 5 page website. On lesson 2.2 in this section on creating a thin width master layout, I am attempting to change the height of text boxes while keeping the width the same. In the video, the narrator does this easily. However, when I try to change the height of my text boxes the width changes automatically to presumably maintain the same ratio between height and width. How do I resolve this problem?

Hi @jccrunk4real — you need @kezzbracey’s help :slight_smile:

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Hi @jccrunk4real, sorry to leave you hanging there, I’ve been away for a bit.

How did you go with the resizing? I took a look at the designer file but wasn’t able to find a way to replicate the aspect ratio staying fixed on the text boxes. The only thing I can think of to suggest is to make sure you’re using the drag handle along the bottom of the box as opposed to the one on the corner.

If you’re still stuck, do you think you could maybe grab a screen recording of what you’re doing so I can give you some more specific guidance?