Changing from one theme to another

I want to up grade from one website theme DynamiX to

  1. How do I do this safely and not loose content, and

  2. How do I stop paying for one theme and start paying for the other?

  1. Contents/data will not be lost. Customization of the theme will be lost since you use a new theme.

  2. You need to pay for the new theme you purchase.

Thanks for getting back Codeex. That’s really helpful.

I can’t remember if we paid outright for the theme we are using or if it’s a monthly subscription. I realise that we will have to pay for the new theme but I don’t want to be paying for both. How do we end one arrangement to begin another?

There are no subscription themes on envato.

Moving from one to another varies depending on the themes and various factors. With all due respect, it is unlikely that it will be as simple as deactivating one theme and reactivating the new one.

Depending on your technical ability you may find it safer to hire help to make the transition fluidly from (and either way make absolutely certain that you have everything backed up properly first).

It’s prob worth talking to the author of the new theme first too.

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Thanks Charlie.

Apologies for the lack of knowledge. I can use wordpress but this is too important to get wrong!

Good to know that we’ve probably bought what we’re currently using then. Ok great.

Hopefully not another stupid question here but how do you get in touch with the author? We will need some help.

If you go to the item page for the theme you are buying then there are comments there and contact form for the author on their profile