Changing e-commerce theme

Hi there community!
I need assistance with the following (wordpress):

I want to change my e-commerce theme to another that I’m about to purchase.
What should I be prepared to change (a part from the visual details, color, fonts and other basics of same kind)?
The database and woocommerce settings with current articles in the shop will stay intact?

What would be the easiest way to do it without having the cluster of unnecessary files from the previous theme?

Thanks a lot!!


If both themes are using the best coding practices, there shouldn’t be any issues. No product data would be lost, that’s for sure.

If both themes are using page builders and if they are two different page builders - some custom pages would need to be rebuilt. Also, if the old theme have custom e-commerce functionality, which is not part of the WooCommerce plugin, they would be lost. No files from the old theme should remain. Just make sure you delete the old theme and related theme plugins.

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