Changing Branding Opinions Wanted!

Another “should I change my brand thread”!

Orbiterred was kinda thrown together without much thought, it’s a username I’ve been using on various forums since forever ago, and it’s actually an anagram of my name Robert Reid. I think I found it when I was looking for a band name back in the late 90’s and plugged my name into one of those anagram websites lol.

I’m thinking of having some real artwork done and investing a little more time/effort into my profile here and just wondering if Orbiterred really conveys anything at all, or if it could even be turned into a decent brand. It seems like one of those things that I kinda like, but means absolutely nothing when you don’t know the meaning behind it and might be hard to remember/pronounce. On the other hand it’s got kinda a “space” thing going for it, and red reminds me of mars… maybe there is something there?

I recently had a suggestion to just go with my name ‘Robert Reid’ which I like the idea of. I’ve also registered ‘MemorableMusic’ (I may go ahead and use that one as an exclusive account).

Just wondering if anyone wants to chime in with their opinion/ideas of orbiterred vs. Robert Reid vs possibly MemorableMusic.

tl/dr: branding is hard, does my name suck?


“Robert Reid” is cool.


Robert Reid is very good :slightly_smiling_face:

Robert Reid souns good! :slight_smile:

Robert Reid :+1:

Sounds like there is consensus lol