Changing An Item Name

I very recently uploaded an item with banjo but didn’t put “banjo” in the title. I just now edited the item to change the title to include banjo. (It only had 1 sale previously)

Now the real question: I have another item that has sold 20 times; same situation - features banjo, but it’s not in the title. However, I’m concerned that by changing the title, some of the previous buyers may not be able to easily locate it in the future. Anybody know how this works?

If anyone has previously bookmarked the item the link will still work even if the title has been changed.

The title is not relevant for the URL to work. It’s the unique item ID that is important. And the ID won’t change if the title changes… Also: Previous buyers will always find your item in their downloads section. So: Don’t worry… :slight_smile: