Changes to VideoHive Upload Permissions

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I don’t get it. My upload permissions for motion graphics were suspended for 6 months. I have uploaded a single motion graphics item on my account and that got approved several years ago.

I have planned to upload a big motion graphics pack soon, now I cannot even show it to you for 6 months? I really don’t get you envato.


This pretty much just affirms my decision to slowly opt-out of Envato exclusivity and maybe later day remove my account from Envato completely, especially now with this rule. I for now have permissions to upload to Stock Footage which is my main area in VideoHive, but I have gotten multiple rejections on my last submissions, and since I still have no idea on what kind of files to upload, because the reasons for hard rejection usually are not provided or are pretty much unlogical. So I have no idea when I will be banned from Stock Footage as well. While there are sort-of understandable reasons to do this (me being banned from Motion Graphics doesn’t impact me that much), I was also planning on doing some more motion graphics and sending out them to review since my skills have improved on that area. Thought it shows that Envato is not interested in seeing new people in categories, but just leveling out the playing field.

I would like to know whether it is possible to sue such non-punitive absentia punishments and threats of blocking for 6 months for the fact that I can somewhere make a mistake in my project (or the reviser will simply have a bad mood) (and you become like a dictator) and they will block me, because it’s like dividing the whites from the black ones, you seem to hang a loop around my neck and make me very nervous. After doing projects and even making mistakes, I thereby study and improve the quality and skill, but you plan to constantly punish me for this, tell me please what are the other ways of development in this direction? If you have a lot of work, why not make the maximum number of items per week that 2,3, 5 or 10 from one author in the category did not use, the better the author’s reputation the more he can submit items for viewing is still simple.


Those who takes this kind of decisions are those who have a fixed salary from Envato, no doubt about it! Life is beautiful when your salary is a guarantee at the end of the month right? Being paid for taking decisions about the future of the people who actually generate your fixed salary…that’s soooo corporate! Who cares about authors, everyone at Envato has his own fixed salary so why worry about us and our future?
Your marketing team is great tho, they’ve been able to create a super strong addiction to authors, and you can basically manipulate us and force us to do whatever you decide simply because our salary depends from this website!
But watch out Envato staff, karma always strikes back! :joy:


A friendly reminder to follow our community rules when you are posting here.

Personal attacks as well as any behavior that is hateful or offensive based on […] are not okay.

Thanks for the reminder, but I haven’t offended anyone, I’ve just described the typical business relationship between employer and employees, it happens in every corporate company out there!
No hate at all in my words, it’s just reality!

Actually the authors are the ones that should be intellectually offended right now, since we are the ones that might face a 6 months ban while watching our earnings decreasing…! :wink:

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Friendly notification to you, none of this is currently being applied here. No one in this thread is exerting any ill will towards any of the points that this guideline refers to. Opinionated, even highly so, messages against procedures like this which use bans on authors for lengths of time which feels like are based on rather imaginary concepts should be allowed. The closest that someone came to violating those rules was Rickyloca cause he referred to an effect karma might have on Envato employers, and even that does not apply cause karma is non-personified agency, and if this is unknown concept to you, it refers to the effect where actions will be reflected in an indirect way back upon the person who acted, reflecting the nature of the act.

I have two items in Motion Graphics and this two had been re-submitted, and one even two times, for technical reasons (image sequences not accepted, only single file, other is preview *.mov file was unable to be played by reviewer). So it is possible for technical mistakes that will occur time to time cause soft-rejection. My items has tens of sales, and other thing i want to say is that i choose Motion Graphics for universal reasons, because it can be used for backgrounds but with included masks it can be used as revealer, etc.

From Wikipedia “Karma is a word meaning the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions.”

So there’s nothing wrong in saying that karma strikes back! It’s not offensive, it’s not a threat, it’s not hateful and I’ve also put a smile at the end of the sentence! :joy:

Ask @Creattive if he feels offended or not…a level 9 author master in what he does, being banned from uploading motion graphics that he can easily create blindfolded while sleeping, just because you decided so! This, is a personal attack to his/our dignity and the skills that we have developed over the years!
Envato is basically saying to every banned authors that they are unable to do certain things and that they have not enough skills, which can be taken waaaaay more personally and with more devastating effects than talking about karma! :joy:


I’m not offended in my dignity, but I just think the system is flawed and envato is losing out here as well. What sense is there in restricting me the access of uploading to motion graphics category if my last upload was 5 years ago? Certainly I am not the problem of reviewers backlog in that category that is happening right now.

Why do I have to wait for 6 months now to be able to submit a portfolio? I have already waited for 5 years since my last motion graphics upload. Why can’t I show them my portfolio now?

This is again a rushed and not thought through decision of envato that loses both envato as well as authors money.
One possible solution would be to only take items uploaded in the last 12 months into consideration. Anyone who hasn’t uploaded in the last 12 month will be looked at as having no uploads in that category and will have to submit a portfolio first.

Me being the top 12 selling author here is just icing on the cake. But it does show that everyone is treated equally, and that I applause. Unfortunately, everyone is treated equally wrong and measured by wrong metrics.

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I understand why you are doing it, but honestly don’t understand how some of us get denied when stuff like this: [link removed by mod - calling out items not allowed]
gets through. How do we go about getting our restriction removed.

“You will not be able to upload new items in this category until you pass a category portfolio review”

How do I do that when you have removed all my items that are still in line for reviewing ? Is there somewhere else that I need to upload to ?

in 2016 i submitted about 20 items to stock footage, i waited about 10 months and one day in 3 mintues they were all rejected because the footage was “jerky”, i have to mention that i uploaded similar clips to other stock footage sites and all of them were approved, so in february 2018 i bougth new top of the line equipment, worked on new clips and submitted about 18 more items to stock footage. the review queue was at about 30 days, so during those 30 days i travelled all around my country, shooting new clips, amazing sunsets, the beach, etc… and uploaded another 21 clips.

on monday i noticed that my items on queue dissapeared from my dashboard and yesterday i received an email saying that i have been blocked for uploading items to stock footage, must wait 6 months in order to ask for a portfolio review and my 18+ items that were in the queue for more than a month were deleted…

good bye envato.

Block inspectors who do not understand anything in their work! I was blocked by the author who has a lot of sales! If your inspectors can not quickly check the work, can you fire your inspectors ??? Or hire other inspectors! Authors will leave you and I probably too

I have not uploaded files to your site for half a year and immediately they banned me from the first download! For the next half a year a new video that I will be shipping on other resources you these videos will not exactly ship

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“You will not be able to upload new items in this category until you pass a category portfolio review”

How do I do that when you have removed all my items that are still in line for reviewing ? Is there somewhere else that I need to upload to ?

I laughed so hard almost spilt coffee on myself ha ha ha

Another out standing idea from Envato yet…!!! Its like wearing pant outside your trousers to save on the laundry bill…

Me too. Ha Ha Ha.

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