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I’m in the process of building a blog on the WordPress platform. So recently I purchased X Theme version 6. Got a young man to build me a few pages on my hosting account. But now I do not like what he did all that much. So I went to my CPanel in the WordPress dashboard thinking I would just add the theme I like with the Demo content. Then put my own content in place of the Demo content.

Well, I was told that XTheme comes with four different themes. Well, the only theme I can find in stacks is Integrity Theme? Where are the other Three themes? There where there before this person started working on my blog site. He said he customized my site for me using the Integery theme. and downloaded some Templates

Now I do not like the layout this person did for me at all. My site has just a few pages on it the way this person designed it with no content yet. Plan to rollout blog site in January. So I’m just in the planning building stages. Is there a way to fix what this person has done with having to buy a new X Theme or costing me a lot of money?

Now this person did not made a child theme. So is my parent theme all messed up? And it looks to me like he built the pages in cornerstone? Something I was told not to do and I told him that also. But he did it anyway. Now. Now when I look at cornerstone from the CPanel it looks like you can edit the pages. But I want to change the whole thing. Now I did buy tech support for the X Theme. Not surre if that helps me in this situation or not. Please advise what I can do at this point

Hi @JamesC2018

The better way to make a website is to go through child theme. So I think will be better if you hire a freelancer to make your website refresh may be from the beginning. You can Hire freelancer:


Thanks for your reply here. I was planning on doing the Child Theme approach, But I guest now I will hire a freelancer and see if they can help me fix this problem.

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