Changes to the refund, dispute and ratings system

Hello friends,

I recently read this article announcing changes to ThemeForest and codecanyon.
There will be a refund policy, comments ratings are public, etc.

This will also apply to authors of VideoHive?

  • We, the authors, should be protected in some way against abusive buyers.

To avoid refund requests, such as:

“The item does not do that thing XYZ (note: I clearly indicate in the description of the item that this item does not do that), I need this feature or I’ll have to look for another item that makes it”
This really forces the author wants to implement this feature, or to reimburse the buyer.

  • There will be a war between the authors top your competitor can easily destroy your product by purchasing your multiple time item, post bad reviews and still ask for refund.

  • Finally, the customer with bad intent, asks refund but already has the package on your computer, since he downloaded.

I thank everyone who can enlighten me in any way on the news.

Thank you all !