Changes to the refund, dispute and ratings system on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon



As per expectation just after new refund system launched buyer started blackmailing the authors, one of buyer purchased my item, downloaded it and after a couple of hours sent a refund request with the reason mentioned that purchased mistakenly,

i asked him to provide valid reason for refund while you have already download item, then he replayed changing color is complicated and i do not realize wp version is available ,

i replayed that are you willing to purchase wp version? he said yes,

i replayed that please go ahead purchase wp version and send us purchase receipt we will issue refund for this purchase voluntarily, although we are not liable to refund even you purchased wp version but we will do it voluntarily and he started abusing on comments at both items and then post a bad review with 1 star rating

i have submitted a ticket to envato to remove review let see what they say.

i am just posting here to warn about the new system and it will be more disputed after reviews goes live


Oh my god. This is clear example of abusing the refund system.

I know this is not something that will happen regularly, but why do we - the authors - have to deal with this nonsense. There was a clear policy until now, every buyer knew, that there are no re-funds unless there is something very wrong with the item. We provide pre-sales forms, support, front-end and back-end demos. It’s in perfect harmony with that policy in my opinion.

Now, if someone is bad mannered enough, just purchases the item, decides he doesn’t like it (or he likes it but wants his money back), makes up a random re-fund request, doesn’t get approved, leaves 1 star rating with a random, non-related reason. Good luck proving it was because of the declined re-fund request.

Now authors get bothered with random re-fund request, and forced to bother Envato staff to investigate rage-ratings. It appears to me, that there are more cons than pros with the current status of this system.

I truly don’t understand how this benefits either party in any ways. So far the rock-solid re-fund policy worked wonders in my opinion. In the past few years I’ve been here, I had to open like 2-3 tickets to envato staff, and they have been very helpful, because I had a solid reasons. I believe most of you had the same positive experiences.

Good luck for the new authors. I sure hope the first customers you get isn’t going to be like that. I still hope that this change works out for the best though. I might just be a bit negative about it, I sure hope envato knows what they are doing. I really love being an author here.


it’s not just headache for authors but for envato as well, there will be a support ticket for envato on each invalid or bad review,

even after review goes live there will be a war between authors top your competitor can easily destroy your item by purchasing your item multiple time and posting bad reviews.


Oh my god, this is really bad. I believe this review should be removed without a refund. as I wrote on previous comment, I had a case and got 1 star for his refund. but envato didn’t remove the 1 star rating. we could just refund. but this case is worse than mine. :slight_smile: fortunately your user didn’t write a good excuse to get a refund. good luck to you!


let’s see it’s up to envato


When will reviews become public? or I missed something?


Are we allowed to put a banner on our profile and/or item pages, like

“No Refund - No Matter What! The theme is checked by Envato for Quality. Support in included if there is a known bug or if you need general help. Use comments system to verify and ensure that our item has feature/functionality you need. If still in doubt - please ask us to send screenshot of admin or other feature that you are expecting.”

“Finally - please do not bother threatening us with 1 star for refund - we would rather delete our item and wait tables at MacDonald’s if our creativity is worth either 1 star or 0 Dollars… Thank you”

Do you think Envato will have problem with it?


@andrewfreeman said the following

I am not sure who is right, but as far as I can see it hasn’t been released yet so I think you should expect it early next week.


Talking about refunds… why the price increased when somebody requested a refund?

Item price: $48
Demanded refund amount: $58.08

Ticket id: 505401


Weird - I’ll look into it.


Hi htmgarcia,

It’s the full price that the customer paid for the item including taxes. Authors will refund the amount that they earned from the sale, and Envato will take care of the rest.


What about the old reviews? They will be public as well I hope?


It seems, if a customer rates an item without using a comment, we don’t have a chance to reply back (for example, asking for the reason of a 1 star rating or saying a “thankYou” for a 5 star rating etc. etc.)

^ IF This is the case,
Please fix it and allow us to “reply” a rating whether a customer added their comment or not.
Thanks. @andrewfreeman


There are some very fine points from other authors. I hope Envato will see these points and take necessary actions as soon as possible.

Such as;

  • If user leaves a rating or not, as soon as user applies for “refund” all permissions to rate and / or previous rating of the item should be removed regardless of author choosing to accept or decline the refund request.

  • There has to be a time limit for buyer to apply for a refund.

  • Authors should also be able to give rating to buyers who at least rate their items. Maybe even a feature where an author can actually set “manual confirmation of a purchase / automatically decline purchase” from buyers who has x star ratings and lower. This is to avoid possible headaches for the future.

  • I also agree about displaying / showing old reviews as well any other way wouldn’t be really fair.

By the way, am I missing something? As I understand it authors will have their balance reduced + pay additional refund fees? Why would an author pay additional refund fees? Maybe somebody could explain this to me?

Overall if done right, it could benefit everyone.


No. Author does not pay more. It’s just worded a little confusing.


Thank you for the clarification.


please also have a look on my above reply regarding refund and review + rating

i contacted envato to remove that review but they refuse


@matthewcoxy @andrewfreeman

###There’s a bug in the refund system.

The buyer bought an item 5 minutes ago, and initiated refund. The refund page shows he purchased 13 hours ago and requested refund 13 hours ago.

Some timezone conflict?



Thanks @andrewfreeman, that seems the case.

It is highly important that Envato mention if the refund amount include VAT or not, in order to avoid these confusions.


finally i got below response from envato, It,s really shocking

Thank you for getting back to me. I hear what you’re saying, however as hard
as the review is it’s within our community guidelines. As per our
community guidelines the rating is not valid when:it’s not written in English is offensive
is a combination of unreadable sings, for instance - !!!###

that’s mean buyer can blackmail authors without any problem, dear authors now find other business to do envato is no more for authors.