Changes to the item promotion guidelines: Discounting

I do not see a problem with Discounted prices. Yes, you will loose earnings for a time on that item but in the long run, you will gain more notice to your portfolio and item/s. It’s the same as giving a free item.

I wish there was also a FREE option so that I could promote a Free item outside of the regular Envato Freebies

Marketing is tremendously important for digital files when don e properly and discount and freebies does affect your sales.

I tried it on another marketplace - gave a few items fro free and at discount prices - sales were booming. Removed freebies and discounts for a month - Sales dropped.

Started the freebies/discounts again - sales started to boom again.

Additional marketing helps like a blog, twitter, facebook because buyers will need to know about the sales/freebies
when they come some will grab and run while others will grab, buy and follow. These are the buyers you are working to get.

In theory this is great. But I am a bit concerned about this creating a pricing war. I’m worried about everyone lowering prices so much to try and undercut the competition that all authors begin to suffer.

you know I used to be one of those who complain about a race to the bottom, but now, after months have passed, I came to the conclusion that buyers (or at least most of them) won’t just pick and item because it is cheap, unless it looks as good and useful as their competitors, which mostly isn’t the case. Allowing us to promote discount is a fair step, afterall WE are the authors are we know what is best for our shop.

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I don’t care what the item is, the first author to include a free pair of Easy Feet with their item - I’m buying it! :wink:

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but the consequence will be like this.

client interested in item @ 59
he messages you and tells you, make it 39 i will buy
you will make it 39 for him.

now everyone knows this trick and asks for discount all the time (this is not 100% related new feature whole ADP itself)

Hey folks,

@FRESHFACE is basically bang on the money. This is a promotional policy change, not a feature change.

The reason why we felt the need to communicate this broadly, is that it changes the scope of what authors can and can’t do on our platform and thereby needs to be conveyed in order to ensure a level playing field.

For those concerned around a race to the bottom, following the launch of ADP, we’ve kept a close eye on the pricing landscape and haven’t seen an enormous amount of pricing movement across the different categories. Naturally we’ve seen some incredibly optimistic people price their items at wacky ends of the spectrum, but they haven’t experienced too much in the way of success.

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Would you make it 39 though? What about 29 or 19? I wouldn’t.

And whether people know this ‘trick’ or not, the people who would have reduced it to 39, will reduce it to 39… and the people who wouldn’t have reduced it to 39, won’t. So it’s not much of a trick to know.