changes to PERFECTUM???

I have PERFECTUM 2 and just got an update to it?
Please let me know what changed Ii.e. why an update?

I also notice that you now have Perfectum 3? Looks a lot like Perfectum 2? why should I purchase

How is this different from 2?

Thank you! I have many of your actions and love them!
Gordon Ripley


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Hi, @AHIKERAHIKER! Thank you very much for questions.
So, about Perfectum 2 updates (March 14, 2018):

1. Seamless patterns were added
Now you can play action for larger size images (more than 4000px) without seams/borders of patterns. But don’t forget to delete old patterns before install new ones, because new seamless patterns do not automatically replace old patterns (Photoshop has such rules).

2. Watercolor edges became softer and more adaptable
Before the update, object could have sharp selected edges. Now edges of selection (object) and external watercolor are blurred (integrated into each other) and create more solid result, as many buyers were ask.

3. Action algorithm was soft refactored
Optimization, cleaning and refactoring of code and algorithms. Depending on the power of your computer, this should shorten the operating time by 5-10%

All buyers will recive Profactions email regarding item update. And be free to contact us, if you have any difficulties or questions with updated action in the future.

p.s. And I dublicate this information in Perfectum 2 comments section:


About Perfectum 3:

This action is new generation in the series of Perfectum watercolor works.
It takes the creative basis from the previous versions and presents the next level.

1. Absolutely new algorithm
More universal, flexible and thoughtful in working with original image and in creating of watercolor graphics.

2. New watercolor style
More real, artistic and soft. You will get watercolor results, most similar to the work of a real master.

3. New Brushes and Patterns
New watercolor brushes and seamless patterns for creating unique graphic artworks.

4. New level of detalization
Final result is represented by even greater number of maximum accuracy watercolor elements. Maximum freedom of improvement.

5. Pencil sketch background
Under basic watercolor result you will find a pencil drawing for creating the effect of soft sketch.

In addition, the new action takes into account the experience, mistakes, wishes and feedback from our customers. Thank you very much for this!