Changes to how we collect Billing Details

Hi @Typps,
Where can I set “Hide your personal identity”?

Thanks in advance!

Found it! Hidden under “Company Name on Invoices” is:

Probably needs to be tweaked a bit now this new “hide” feature is available, and that post code is shown to buyer as well.

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It’s under Settings -> Edit Invoice & Credit Note Settings :+1:

As i said in my previous reply I need to change the details in the “Personal Information” area but everything is locked and even with a resubmission of the “Tax Information” form nothing changes.

Here you can see a screenshot of how the “Personal Information” page appears to me: ( all the field are greyed and not editable )

The statement in the “Personal Information” page says “If you’d like to update your billing details, please re-submit your tax information.” but the fact is that the resubmission doesn’t unlock the field in the “Personal Information” page, because i’ve already tried this.

Can you please tell me how to update the info in the “Personal Information” area if everything is locked?

I contacted the Envato Support but the Envato Help Officier doesn’t seem to understand the issue.

Thank you Sir!

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Good job at the “damage control” by adding the feature to at least hide the full address. However, this has been handled terribly - like everything else in 2015 by Envato.

Do note that prior to December 24th, only the Author username was printed on the invoice. You suddenly decide to make a change that totally violates author’s privacy and only make a short sneaky forum announcement about it to. How about some common courtesy to inform the authors via email? Tons of authors are unaware that this is even happening.

It didn’t help that Envato support was clueless about the change when contacted a week earlier.


Good idea ThemeSphere, I will add that to the list of feature requests. I think it would make it clearer.

Good pickup dtbaker. I will put it on the list to clean up.

So to confirm, our personal address details are not shown to the buyer, correct?

@daext The fields will be auto updated based on the information you provide in tax form.

For example: If you want to update your city from London to Paris, submit the tax form with city as Paris and it will be updated on “Personal Information” page.

@Danga12 Please update the content and screenshot of this help article .

The Company Name field isn’t present in the W8-BEN
If a “sole proprietorship” business has to submit the W8-BEN
form as an Individual ( because a “sole proprietorship” isn’t a “Legal Entity”, and
the W8-BEN-E is only for legal entities ) the W8-BEN doesn’t include
a “Company Name” field so they can’t get this field and autocomplete the info in the “Personal Information” area.
The EU VAT field isn’t present in any W8 form ( not in the W8-BEN and not in the W8-BEN-E )
The EU VAT simply isn’t present in the W8 form and there are no fields that can converted to an EU VAT, for example I have to include my EU TIN in my W8-BEN form as a Foreign Tax Identification Number, and the EU TIN and the EU VAT are different things. Again, they can’t get this info from the tax information area.

I just explained about your question regarding locked fields in “Personal Information” page and how to update it. I’m not sure how it works out for your tax related questions.
For more help related to Company Name, EU VAT, EU TIN or other taxes, please mail to

Hi, @Danga12, I have written support but not heard back when I noticed this thread. I, too, would love a screenshot of my latest invoice. Thanks!

I have no tax related questions.

The issue is simple, some fields can be automaticaly updated by using the information that we provide in the tax area and some fields can’t be updated by using the information provided in the tax area.

Basically the “Personal Information” page should not have the EU VAT and Company Name fields locked because there is no way to change that info.

I’m waiting for a reply from the staff.

@Envato staff Please explain what this sentence means: "Be aware that some buyers may require your full author details on their invoices for tax or other purposes. " That is written next to checkbox for hiding personal information. You said in this thread that address can never be exposed to customers. So what this sentence means? There is exception to “hide address” rule?

In some rare cases a buyer may need full details on a tax invoice (i.e. your name/company name) for a purchase they have made. In this case the buyer would most likely contact you to discuss options. All countries have different and wonderful tax and invoicing rules. Envato does a good job at trying to handle all of them but in some rare cases the generated invoice won’t be suitable for the buyers needs.

Our city/state/etc… has been on the buyer invoices for quite some time now.

Our name, city, state, post code and country is shown to the buyer. Our actual street address is not shown. And if we tick this new “hide” option it will hide our name on the invoice as well (so they only get city/state/post code/country).

Thanks mate, but there is no way to preview this, right? As in, if we click the invoice link on our statements we will only be seeing what WE see…correct?

…I ask because I did just that and noticed address details, etc were shown, though wanted to see it from a buyers point of view.