Changes to GraphicRiver Tags

Today we’re announcing some changes to how tags work on GraphicRiver and our first steps to optimize them better for search engines.

At the moment there are just over 600,000 tags in use on GraphicRiver. These tags include many variations of the same base tag. Over the coming weeks we’ll begin cleaning up many of these tags to improve discovery, and we’ve been careful to do so in a way that preserves SEO value and ensures that any removed tags are redirected. For example, the tag botle, a misspelled version of bottle, will now be redirected back to bottle as the primary tag.

Our goal with these changes is to improve discoverability for users on-site and those searching for items through search engines.

Our engineering team will be doing this and no action is required on the part of authors. However, we encourage you to revisit your tags at any time to check spelling and optimize them for maximum discoverability.


Mr. Jamesgiroux, this is good news.

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hi james
is this only in case of mispellings or there are some other reasons / situations for these changes pls?

helo @n2n44 thanks for your question. It is not just for misspellings. It is also about optimizing tags for SEO. So in some cases, words that mean the same thing but that are less common or less ideal for search engines will be redirected to a more ideal tag for search engines.

hi James, thanks for your answer indeed. Please correct me if i am wrong but i think this also means that if we have some combinations of keywords, some words may be taken out, right? for instance if we have happy, new, year and happy new year, some maybe taken out, it that it? besides as u seem to be aware of all these issues, do u know what is the most efficient in terms of keywords, between word associations and isolated single words? do u know what is working best between “club party” and “club” and “party” for example pls?

Hi, I have a question about uploading a video. Now I can not upload any videos, I have to do it, thank you.

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