Changes to /catalog/collection Envato API endpoint

We have noticed an increase in the usage of the /catalog/collection API endpoint recently. Unfortunately this endpoint did not support paging, which caused performance issues with larger collections. We’re adding pagination to the results - the same way we have it implemented in other endpoints (like /buyer/list-purchases).
The page size has been chosen to be large enough to affect only a minimal number of existing users.


The response will get an additional key:

“pagination”: {
  “template”: {base url},
  “pages”: {number of available pages},
  “page_size”: {number of results per page},
  “next”: {uri for the next page, if available},
  “previous”: {uri for the previous page, if available},


If you’re currently querying collections smaller than the page size, you don’t need to make any changes to your requests. By default, you’ll still receive the first page with all the current results.


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