Changes in the shop system of Envato.

From the beginning I was surprised by the fact that someone is trying to define standards in the arts (in our case music) calling it - a commercial product. But it’s the lyrics.

At the moment we have the people that determine the usefulness of our work and decide to accept or reject them.

It takes time, effort, etc. And very often potentially profitable items fly into the waste basket.

It’s all understood. and so I decided to make a suggestion which perhaps had once discussed, but I still will voice their ideas.

. I propose to write a script which will track the goods and to remove it.
Explain the algorithm: There is a track that is on the market (for example) 3 months. He has views, but zero sales. the script moves it into the category of “not popular” there’s a track, lies for example, another month after that, it is removed, but it leaves a information for those who may be looking for him by name. the information says that it is deleted.

Perhaps you will say that this method is radical, in my opinion better fluidity and constant renewal of materials, to replace the musty swamp.

. with the use of such a script, you can reduce the requirement subjects to the availability of standards ( that “corporate” it should be, with those tools and not otherwise) I look at the popular sellers of their popular tracks 5-10 other “642” - stuff is not who is not necessary. I know how the tracks are popular with buyers. but “Envato” does not give chance to new approach and fresh foods (I don’t mean quality)

. Message about severe deviations: I got enough. and in each is written the same thing even though I’ve tried different versions of the mix, etc. hard to do pismo where each item will be marked “good,” “not suitable”? for example: the recording is Good, mixing is Not perfect, mastering is Not suitable. this is an example. reviewers do not need to write it, he just puts a note in paragraphs, while listening to the track. and I will be clear what needs to be improved, is message Cratchit “we spit on you, torture continue” in the end, And this creates a vicious circle with a waste of time and effort. “go see popular tracks” I don’t want to plagiate.

I hope the idea is clear. I will be glad if you’ll agree. Thank you for your attention.

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that is why then a lot of plagiarism ))))
Interesting )

I don’t think it’s good idea to delete files with zero sales after 3 month.
Think about Christmas tracks,or Halloween.It’s not rare when item was approved 10 december and got first sale 3rd of November next year and then got to 10-15 sales in christmas season.

I suggest a General concept. The nuances need to be worked out.

To raise the topic. Here followed all advice “envato” and made their recommendations. But something tells me to be “hard rejected”.

I suggest not to reduce the non selling tracks but rise the barrier for AJ New Commers who are jaming the forum with tons of hard reject question threads.

A good way to do this is to introduce a “TWO SONGS FIRST” Pre-Check before acceptance as an AJ author. This would reduce the “non seller tracks” automatically and raises the general quality of tracks.

But as this platform wants to be the market leader, it is not popular to do so.


On Photo Dune it’s something like that. You must upload a small portfolio to be reviewed before beeing accepted or not !


I thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that the lowering of the entry threshold and the automatic removal of items with zero sales is the best option. The application of the test track does not help, test can order the track from the pros. or to find other ways of cheating. My thoughts on the variant which I offered above. if “jungle” will move to a method similar to the one that I offered . all will be happy. No queues, the store will be updated constantly. even if the subject deletes pritenzy not otkogo may not be. Yes, and just do the “Envato” will be more social, where the fate of the product will decide the buyer.