Changed user name... How does this effect the sales..?



I’ve changed my user name yesterday and suddenly sales stop for me.
Does changing user name effect the sales…?


No… But effect to your affiliate link…


it’s like changing your site URL, google, backlinks… will be dropped :grimacing:


Envato should provide a 301 redirect to users profile if such things happen. Atleast for few months


+1 Totally agree.


At least, in theory, it does not affect more that your profile and affiliate link.In reality, it’s different.Changing your profile name, it is like changing your entire brand.

I am gonna give an example.Someone search for an item, immediately see your name and check your item because this customer know that your items always helped him. If you changed the name, this guy doesn’t recognize you and there exist a chance that he wouldn’t buy the product.


So should revert back to the old name or go on…?


Think about the factors and decide if the new name affect the sales in a bad way.


Thank you…!!!